Payer Generic Program

CarePartners Generic Program Summary
  • Comprehensive list of most prescribe drugs consisting of over 100 unique generic medications (over 1,200 generic NDCs)
  • Covers most chronic condition categories
  • Flat fee for 6-month or 1-year supply includes all shipping and handling as well as administration, eligibility maintenance, billing, customer service and account management
  • Dispensed and shipped from fully licensed & accredited pharmacy
  • Significant savings to both payer and members
CarePartners Generic Program Benefits
  • Offers as an alternative and not a replacement of the existing PBM provider
  • Fully transparent fixed pricing model with no AWP spread or restricted network
  • Improved drug compliance and adherence for members with chronic conditions by removing financial and access barriers
  • Pharmacy outreach program to monitor patient compliance
  • Employers can enrich their employee benefit program by offering NO COST generics
  • Significant savings for all payer groups
How It Works
  • Payer provides pharmacy claim data to CPP for analysis
  • CPP identifies members taking generic and brand drugs listed on CPP’s propriety list of generic and selected brand medications
  • CPP provides a report to the payer detailing potential saving opportunities
  • Payer approves the CPP program implementation
    • Payer informs target members of the CPP program which provides selected generic medications delivered to their homes or office at NO charge to members
    • CPP team contacts target members and inform them of the FREE generic programs
    • CPP obtains prescriptions for 6-month or a year and ships to members directly

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