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As an independent boutique specialty pharmacy, we are able to be flexible in our partnerships and customized program design. We partner closely with self-funded payers to ensure plan members have a consistent experience working with our specialty pharmacy. Our account management approach and custom clinical analytics provide key patient insights and superior transparency, helping you manage costs while ensuring the highest quality care. Our experienced team is dedicated to building strong relationship with payors, providers, and patients to deliver to-notch reimbursement and cost-effective therapies.

We provide a consistent, caring member experience with the highest levels of clinical support. Combined with our unique technologies and customizable processes, we deliver solutions that improve adherence and minimize waste.

Coordinated Care Management (CCM) Program

Our experienced clinical team provides comprehensive and coordinated system of specialty and home infusion care in which patients with chronic and complex medical conditions receive expert therapy management services tailored to meet their unique needs.

CarePartners provides patient-centric services to individuals with chronic conditions including Hemophilia, immune and neurological disorders. Through our unique Coordinated Care Management (CCM) Program, CarePartners offers cost savings opportunities to payers through the following strategies:

  • Competitive AWP Discounts
  • Restricted Coverage Through Medical Benefit and Conversion to Pharmacy Benefit
  • Quantity Restrictions and Dose Consolidation (Hemophilia Factor Assay Management)
  • Managed Formularies
  • Patient Adherence and Compliance
  • Site of Care Strategies
  • Meaningful Utilization and Cost Saving Reports

Coordinated Care Management (CCM) Program

CarePartners Pharmacy

Competitive AWP Discounts

Pass-through rebates & savings

Transition of medical to pharmacy benefit for selected products & therapies

Lower-cost specialty products as first line therapy

Step therapy & quantity limits

Moving patients from high-cost hospital infusions to lower cost ambulatory and infusion settings

Our Managed Care, Pharmacy Benefit Management, Employer Groups, Taft Hartley Union Groups, Pharmacy Benefit Consultants, and TPA partners have realized a significant savings when incorporating the CarePartners’ CCM Program.

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